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Handover of a property with building faults or whose construction quality is found lower than the stipulated quality.

If you find building faults in your property you should know that, in principle, you are not allowed to refuse to have it registered in the land registry. However, you must bear in mind that you have up to a 10-year period to sue the developer and that the latter is required by law to take out insurance to cover any claim issued within the said period.

For defects visible at first sight, there is a one-year period in which it is possible to register a claim. Regarding defects which concern the habitability of the property, the law establishes a three-year period, whereas for defects which affect the structure of the property, there is a ten-year period to file any claims.

Finally, if the building faults are of great relevance or if you have been handed over a property whose construction quality is other than the stipulated quality or if any element in it differs from what had been agreed on in the contract of sale, you can demand the cancellation of the contract.

Our Firm has successfully sued dozens of construction companies under these circumstances.

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